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Welcome to Epsom Chiropractic Clinic

The Epsom chiropractic clinic opened in 1981 at our 5 Alexandra Road address .we moved to our new clinic address in September 2016 address, 35 years of continued care.

We will continue to offer high level of care to patients Our aim is to allow patients to take control of the care and it is our job to advice about all aspects of prevention we can offer.

All practitioners are members of the British Chiropractic Association, (Member B.C.A.)

The oldest chiropractic association in the UK formed in 1925

Members of the Royal College of Chiropractors (MRCC)

Members of State Registered Council of Chiropractors .

Governing body controlling Continuing Professional Development (REGISTRED MCC)

Chiropractors treat musculoskeletal problems (joint and muscle )

With a particular interest in the spine. Neurological involvement like trapped nerves or nerve irritation from mechanical causes like disc prolapse

Headaches ,neck pain ,shoulder pains like frozen shoulder, tennis or golfers elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome ,migraine headaches and non headache migraine , thoracic back pain ( area with ribs ) lumber and pelvic pain , trapped nerve to the legs and arms .pregnancy postural changes affecting the spine.

We offer the main treatments for acute and chronic sufferers , some conditions require long term management.

Many patients follow a course of treatment by a follow up of a preventative nature like visiting the dentist for a check up. We recommend a varying time lapse according to what the health complaint is.

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Customer Reviews

Prior to seeing Simon, I tried physiotherapy, exercise, all sorts of painkillers and even made a home made traction device at home. I would wear a soft collar most days because of the pain. I am a GP. A rather cynical one. I did not expect Simon’s manipulation to help as nothing worked so far but I did not want to under go a cervical nerve root anterior decompression and fusion of three vertebrae as had been suggested after seeing a neurosurgeon, at the tender age of 34.

- Dr Peter Campbell FRCGP

In the past I have attended Physiotherapist and Osteopaths for my back problem but only got short term pain relief. I then attended the Epsom Chiropractic Clinic who I found very professional and experienced. Within a short period the pain diminished and I noticed improved movement and a general feeling of wellbeing, which continues. I would not hesitate to recommend the Clinic.

- Chris Louca